Dumpster Dive The Treasure Hunt:

Dumpster diving is a pastime art and fun thing for people to do. Dumpster diving sometimes gives people wonderful trinkets and prizes from businesses when they go out of business or change seasonal supplies. People that are dumpster diving are familiar with the dumpsters they can dive in and do not typically dive in ones that contain just trash. If a business is cleaning out and tossing away things they typically toss out new items as well. Diving in dumpsters for treasures is something that people must enjoy doing. Dumpster diving is always a voluntary act of the individual. Things such as important financial or personal data must be destroyed so these articles can not be found in the dumpster. Shredding is the best way to destroy these articles. With people stealing Identities today, it is important for you to destroy all paperwork with your information attached. A shredder is inexpensive and may save your identity from being discovered or stolen. Always destroy bills and paperwork before placing in any public trash can or area.

Recycling :

Recycling is great for the environment. Things such as old bottles, cans, metals, and papers end up in our dump sites and all over our roadsides. They are polluting our waterways and oceans. Killing our wildlife such as birds and fish. The United States is currently recycling tons of scrap metals making it better for our environment but we could all do our part. If we do our part, we not only help the environment but we also help raise money and create jobs. Processing these metals as well as using these recycled metals to create other things is the smart way to help keep the world clean for our children. Metal recycling helps by saving money and energy. This is because metal that is new uses more energy to produce than recycling things such as aluminum, copper, and steel.
Cardboard, magazines and old boxes are being recycled to use again. Anyone that is holding on to these items may need a whole dumpster to remove these. It is customary for a business to break down old boxes and save the cardboard for recycling. The business may have to rent a dumpster to hold these cardboard boxes until they can pick all the cardboard up. Cardboard is useful to the community as well. People reuse boxes when they are packing up to move. Even if the cardboard box is broken down, the box ends can be put together using tape. Moving boxes can be expensive and unnecessary especially when there are free boxes available at many area businesses. Each business that receives supplies will have boxes.

Cardboard boxes are also great to recycle for children. Children love to make forts and little houses out of the large boxes that once held refrigerators or dryers. Cardboard boxes give the child a place to play as well as decorate. Putting a cardboard box out for a child to play in gives cardboard boxes new life. Every child loves to crawl through tunnels, create forts, and have a place to hide. Pick up a large box and give it a new life by allowing your child to create a play place for themselves.

Another type of recyclable material is old computers or televisions that no longer work. The box can be recycled for metal if it is metal. There is gold on the central processing unit, and you can get gold off all the chips. There is some copper in old computers that are recyclable. Computer repair professionals will collect old computers and save pieces such as the processors. Some people have even taken the old computer or television boxes to make things such as shadow boxes and even fish tanks. The recyclables that are put to use will never end up in a landfill. Be kind to the environment and recycle as much as you can. It will save you money and save your environment.