FYI Dumpster:

Waste management industries have many types of containers to rent or use. Dumpsters are being placed in places such as state parks, highways, zoos, and natural reserves. They help keep wild animals from dragging out trash and eating from dumpsters. Some containers close so the animals are unable to eat or pull trash out of them. When wild animals approach people or open trash cans, they run a risk of injury from vehicles or humans. Open containers such as regular plastic trash cans do not control or keep wild animals such as bears from entering the cans. The type cans that are safe for wild animal reserves are things such as the roadside containers, trail containers, front loader containers, and front load slopes. It is very important to keep our animals safe from highways and picnic areas. If the animals are unable to access the trash or leftover food from this area, they will have less reason to be entering these areas.

Hazardous waste storage is another reason for renting or purchasing a dumpster. Handling hazardous waste should be done by professionals. During construction or remodeling, there is trash that may need to be disposed of safely such as insulation or walls containing asbestos. Using a dumpster to hold this material until it is safe for removal is smart. An individual that is removing these hazardous materials will wish to keep them off the ground and away from anyone that may be tempted to touch. Make sure that you know what you are doing when you begin to remove hazardous materials. Make sure these are disposed of properly.

Another way that individuals use dumpsters is when they have a hoarding situation. A person that is a hoarder may have five large dumpsters full of throw away items. Hoarders tend to save everything from used clothes to empty can containers in the kitchen. A typical hoarder will have no counter top that is available to eat or prepare food on. A hoarder may have stacks in every corner. Every time a hoarder goes out they bring in way too much stuff to add to the collection of hoarding. Hoarding is a sickness and needs to be addressed for health reasons. People that hoard tend to have roaches, rats, and fly’s all over their home. Renting a dumpster is the first step for people cleaning out a hoarder’s house. The people that are cleaning out a hoarder’s home will need to completely remove the contents from the house and then the house will need cleaning. No one cleaning out a hoard will want to go through things, they will just toss it in the dumpster to be destroyed.